Mark Chan

Creative Process Journal


Controlled Interactions


This week, we started working with Arduinos and the ways we could get them to communicate directly with our Processing sketches. We played around with LEDs and switches controlling and using them to control sketches, which opens up interested avenues for interaction.

A screen and a keyboard can be daunting to an individual interacting with a program, because of the amount of different options for interaction. By distilling controll down to a few switches or LEDs, I can better control how users interact with my sketches.

By only have two to three buttons, there would be less choices and therefore less confusion on what can or cannot be interacted with, making it easier to control how users interact with my sketches easier. This is especially important when there are limits to how much we can do with our sketches, which then require limits on their interactivitiy in order to work properly.

Mark Chan