Mark Chan




Fostering a welcoming environment for international students.



Proxy is a way to help international students within college campuses all over the United States by fostering a community that supports, empowers and encourages.

Through purposeful interaction with both new and existing international students, Proxy aims to take a proactive stance in connecting individuals together and allowing stories and experiences to be shared easily. We aspire to create a more welcoming atmosphere on campuses for these students who have taken the courage to leave home to study abroad.



User Interface Design


Unity Pattern System.

In order to create a system that would take into consideration the diversity of the international student community without leaving any particular individual out, a more abstract system had to be used in place of a representational one. Thus, a system of patterns was created that would represent the 4 different groups of people that would use the brand.


This system is expressed throughout the brand, with each color representing their corresponding group. These individual patterns come together to form the main blue pattern.

Sharing Stories.

The main aim of Proxy is to create a community where stories and experiences can be shared to encourage and support one another as these international students find their footing in the US. This is done through our on-campus offices where students that are both seeking and wanting to help can talk to our Verifiers. These Verifiers will engage with the students in order to get a clearer picture of their situations, before matching them with verified Helpers that they feel will best understand and support them through their situation.

Purposeful Interactions.

All incoming international students will be given a welcome packet during orientation, immediately making Proxy and its resources known to them. This welcome packet includes an introduction to the brand and the help it provides, useful information for international students, a map to locate the on-campus Proxy office, as well as badges that say hello in different languages that will help international students identify one another, creating connections.


Extending our reach.

Proxy's mobile app is a way to connect students to helpful resources on the go. The app contains the useful information for Askers, as well as supportive features for Seekers and Helpers, which include checking up on upcoming appointments and chatting with matches Seekers/Helpers, or with Verifiers.