Mark Chan




Togather is a platform that seeks to encourage social interactions between people through the organization of gatherings.

Our hope is to create a reliable co-host that can keep track of guest’s attendance, help collate the required items for gatherings, and send out timely reminders to guests. This not only acts as an incentive to potential hosts who are intimidated by the prospect of planning a gathering, but also allows the host to focus more on building relationships with guests without having to be burdened by logistics.




Your Portable Planner.

Togather aims to make organizing easy and accessible, and what better platform to use than our phones. By having the app on something you carry with you everyday, anyone can easily create and organize a gathering anytime, anywhere. Along with seamless integration with your phone's messaging and voice assistant features, Togather aims to make organizing an effortless process.


Getting the Word Out.

To spread the word about Togather, an advertising campaign was created that spanned print and subway posters to a video ad. Humor and a light tone were used to give Togather an inviting personality, showing that the planning process doesn't need to be daunting.