Mark Chan

Make It Better


Make It Better

A social media campaign created for Zola, a wedding registry company, highlighting the Cuisinart products available for couples.

While interning at The Working Assembly, I was part of the creative team for a social media campaign aimed at highlighting the partnership between Zola and Cuisinart. Through visual puns and wordplay, I helped develop a series of 3 videos that showed the journey from wedding day to newlywed life with the help of Cuisinart products.



Created while working AT THE WORKING ASSEMBLY


From Wedding to Getting.

To emphasize the easiness of obtaining these Cuisinart products through Zola's registry system, I played of common wedding imagery, like the bouquet toss, rice throwing and the proposal, and connected them seamlessly to domestic situations in a newlywed's life. This, along with fun word pairings, help show the simplicity of using Zola's registry to obtain these products.